Wedding Venues Pricing: How Much Do Wedding Venues Cost?

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most significant decisions for your big day. It sets the tone, atmosphere, and style of your wedding.

Bromley offers a variety of venues, from historic buildings to modern spaces, each with its own charm and pricing. However, understanding the cost components of wedding venues is crucial for budgeting effectively. This blog will make it a breeze for you.

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How Much Do Wedding Venues Cost On Average?

The average cost of wedding venues varies significantly based on several factors, including the venue’s location, size, and the services offered. Typically, couples spend between £3,000 and £10,000 for venue hire alone.

A high-end venue might charge upwards of £10,000, especially if it includes exclusive use of the grounds and facilities. On the other hand, smaller venues with fewer facilities or those which are located farther from the central areas may offer more budget-friendly options, sometimes as low as £3,000.

Additionally, peak wedding seasons and weekends usually see higher prices, while off-peak times and weekdays may offer discounts. Understanding these variables can help you budget effectively and choose a venue that fits your vision and financial plan.

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What Is Included In The Cost?

1. Licenced Venue

A licenced venue allows you to have your legal wedding ceremony on-site. This convenience means you won’t need to travel between locations, saving time and effort.

These venues are inspected and approved to meet legal requirements. Many venues also offer beautiful settings for both the ceremony and reception, creating a seamless and elegant experience.

2. In-House Catering

In-house catering provides professional meal services tailored to your wedding. This includes everything from appetisers to main courses and desserts, often with customisable menu options to suit your tastes and dietary requirements.

Using in-house catering ensures a consistent quality of food and service. It also simplifies logistics since the catering team is familiar with the venue’s kitchen facilities and event flow.

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3. Bar

Access to a fully stocked bar is often included, offering a variety of beverages for your guests. This can range from soft drinks and standard alcoholic options to premium spirits and customised cocktails.

Some venues offer bar packages or pay-as-you-go options. This allows for flexibility based on your budget. A managed bar service ensures professional bartenders, appropriate licencing, and responsible serving practices.

4. Decorations

Basic decorations are typically part of the package, including items like table centrepieces, linens, and chair covers. These decorations help create a cohesive and attractive setting for your wedding.

Wedding venues offer themes or customisation options to match your personal style. Having decorations included reduces the stress and expense of sourcing and setting up décor independently.

5. Photographer

Wedding venues in Bromley often include professional photography services in their packages. This ensures you have an experienced photographer who knows the venue well and can capture the best moments of your day.

Packages might include a set number of hours, digital images, and printed albums. Using the venue’s preferred photographer can streamline communication and coordination.

6. Flowers

Floral arrangements, such as bouquets, boutonnieres, and centrepieces, are included in the cost. These flowers are typically selected to match your wedding theme and colour scheme.

Professional florists associated with the venue will create elegant and fresh displays that enhance the beauty of your event.

7. Live Music

Based on the pricing offered, the venue may also include entertainment options, such as live bands or DJs. These professionals provide music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, creating the perfect atmosphere throughout your event.

Live music can be customised to your tastes, whether you prefer classical, jazz, or contemporary styles. It helps complete your celebration beautifully.

8. Banqueting Hall

A spacious banqueting hall is often part of the package. These halls are designed to accommodate large groups comfortably, with ample seating, dance floors, and areas for entertainment.

They are typically well-decorated and equipped with essential amenities like lighting and sound systems. A dedicated banqueting hall provides a versatile space that can be tailored to your specific wedding needs.

9. Car Park

Adequate parking facilities are crucial for the convenience of your guests. A reputable wedding venue will offer on-site car parks with sufficient space to accommodate all attendees. This inclusion ensures guests can easily access the venue without the hassle of finding nearby parking.

What Is The Cost If You Only Opt For Venue Hire?

For those looking to hire only the venue, the cost typically ranges from £1,500 to £5,000. This price does not include catering, decorations, or other services.

While this allows couples to personalise their arrangements to their liking, it also increases the hassle of management and logistics, such as arranging for a catering service, coordinating with decorators and florists, and finally, ensuring proper entertainment services are in place on the big day.

Why Choose Oakley House?

Oakley House in Bromley is a distinguished Grade II listed building nestled in picturesque grounds, providing an idyllic setting for your wedding. Conveniently located with easy access from both Kent and London, our stunning venue offers a perfect blend of historic charm and modern amenities.

For your ceremony, you can utilise the beautiful gazebo and lawn, with all necessary furniture arranged and set up in advance. The in-house catering team will serve a delectable meal, complemented by refreshments from a fully stocked bar. Furthermore, the elegant banqueting suite will be richly decorated, air-conditioned, and spacious enough to comfortably accommodate all your guests.

And that is not all – our experienced front-of-house manager and attentive team at Oakley House will provide exceptional service to your guests throughout the day to ensure every detail is perfect.

For those who prefer more flexibility, Oakley House also offers the option to hire just the venue and make your own arrangements. So, wait no more – pick up the phone and dial 020 8462 9292 to speak to us and get a free quote.


Understanding wedding venue costs helps in making informed decisions for your special day. Bromley offers a range of venues catering to various budgets and preferences. Whether you opt for a comprehensive package or just venue hire, planning ahead ensures a smooth and memorable wedding.

Consider Oakley House for a historical and beautiful setting, which offers great flexibility and exceptional service. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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