Corporate Events Made Easy: Why Oakley House Is Your Best Choice

Corporate events require a venue that is functional, inspiring, and even entertaining in case you’re hosting a fun party. Oakley House offers a blend of historic charm and modern amenities, giving you the perfect location for any corporate gathering in Bromley and the South East.

From hiring a hall to availing of our in-house catering options to opting for dry hire and more, we can help you with anything and everything when it comes to corporate parties and events. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your requirements. Call 020 8462 9292 or email today.

“Looking for the perfect venue for your upcoming corporate event? Your search ends with our beautiful and functional Oakley House – the leading venue for hire in Bromley and the South East.”

Corporate Event Space – What Should You Look For?

1. Location

The venue’s location should be ideal for a successful corporate event. It should be conveniently accessible for all attendees, ideally near major transport links like motorways, train stations, or airports. The ease of access can significantly impact attendance rates and ensure a smooth arrival for all participants.

2. Capacity

Assess the venue’s capacity to ensure it can comfortably accommodate your guest list. The space should be neither too cramped nor excessively large. Consider different seating arrangements and ensure there’s enough room for any additional equipment or activities planned.

3. Facilities

Modern facilities are crucial for any corporate event. Look for venues equipped with the latest audiovisual technology, reliable Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating. These features support effective presentations and smooth communication, which further ensures that the event runs without technical hitches and that participants remain engaged and productive.

4. Catering Options

High-quality catering is essential for keeping attendees refreshed and satisfied. Look for venues that offer a range of catering options, from light refreshments to full meals. The availability of in-house catering services can simplify logistics and ensure food quality, thus ensuring an enjoyable event experience.

5. Ambience

The venue’s ambience sets the tone for the event. A professional yet welcoming atmosphere can enhance the overall experience. It makes participants feel valued and comfortable.

Consider the venue’s decor, lighting, and overall aesthetic to ensure it aligns with the event’s purpose and enhances its professional image.

Consider Oakley House – It’s Your Best Choice For Corporate Events In Bromley

Oakley House is the perfect venue for corporate events. The historic architecture and attractive grounds create an excellent environment for hosting conferences, exhibitions, seminars, meetings, presentations, workshops, and other corporate functions.

Here’s why:

  • Versatile spaces: Oakley House offers a range of spaces to suit different needs, with a maximum capacity of 420 with the right seating arrangement.
  • Modern amenities: Each space is equipped with Wi-Fi and modern audiovisual connections to facilitate seamless presentations and speeches.
  • In-house catering: Take advantage of our in-house catering services to offer delicious food and drink to your guests throughout the day, ensuring everyone is well-fed and energised.

Oakley House – Perfect For Various Corporate Events

Oakley House is ideal for hosting a variety of corporate events.

1. Conferences

Oakley House is an excellent venue for hosting conferences of all sizes. With a maximum capacity of 420 attendees, it can accommodate large gatherings while providing a professional and comfortable environment.

The modern audiovisual equipment and reliable Wi-Fi ensure your presentations and interactive sessions will be seamless throughout the day.

Finally, the attractive surroundings and historic architecture add an element of prestige, which makes the event more memorable for all participants.

2. Exhibitions

Exhibitions benefit from the spacious and versatile layout of Oakley House. The venue offers ample room for booths, displays, and interactive stations. Moreover, the beautiful grounds provide a stunning backdrop for the exhibits.

You can also hire a hall based on your space requirements. Our team is there to guide you through the process.

3. Seminars

Our stunning venue provides the ideal setting for seminars, combining functionality with elegance. Each space is equipped with modern audiovisual technology to support presentations and interactive discussions.

The serene environment around the venue also helps attendees focus and absorb information, while the in-house catering ensures they remain refreshed throughout the event.

4. Meetings

At Oakley House, our halls can be configured to suit various group sizes and formats, providing seating arrangements for intimate discussions and larger board meetings. The availability of high-speed Wi-Fi and audiovisual equipment ensures productive and efficient sessions.

Finally, rest assured – our trained and proficient team will ensure an excellent level of service throughout the day.

What Amenities Do You Get?

As we said before, the perfect venue should not only be aesthetically beautiful but also functional. It must offer you ample options to elevate the event experience – no matter the type of event you’re hosting. Let us see what Oakley House has to offer you.

1. Catering

Our venue offers comprehensive in-house catering services. The menu can include tea and coffee, pastries, finger foods, buffets, or multi-course sit-down meals. The catering team ensures high-quality food and drink tailored to your event’s size and scope. We’ll also consider any dietary requirements you or your guests may have.

2. Hall Hire

The halls at Oakley House are spacious and versatile, and they can be easily configured to accommodate different seating arrangements to ensure comfort and functionality for your corporate event.

3. Onsite Parking

Oakley House provides ample onsite parking, including 220 spaces. This feature eliminates the stress of finding parking on the event day. It’s a relief for you as well as your guests. Furthermore, the spacious parking area accommodates vehicles of all sizes, making the venue ideal for large events.

4. Wi-Fi

We understand that corporate events, especially seminars and meetings, cannot do without a reliable Wi-Fi connection. That is why we ensure that you have this available seamlessly throughout the day.

Whether for presentations, interactive sessions, or simply staying connected, the dependable Wi-Fi service ensures that all technological needs are met for a productive event.

5. Entertainment Options

You get various entertainment options to enhance your corporate event at Oakley House. We can offer a fully stocked bar managed by our professional staff. Additionally, we have contacts with local musicians and DJs to offer live music. This helps create a lively and engaging atmosphere, depending on the nature of the event.

If you wish to include any of these options in your upcoming event, feel free to ask our experts. We’ll make sure that the right elements of your choice are included as part of your venue hire with us.

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Choosing the right venue for your corporate event is crucial. Oakley House offers a unique blend of historical elegance and modern convenience in and around the Bromley area. From offering you versatile spaces to top-notch add-on amenities and comprehensive catering options, Oakley House ensures your event is a success. Contact us today to hire a stunning venue for your next corporate party or event.

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